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The Gallery / Re: My art
Today at 03:56 AM
Quote from: rtil on Today at 03:15 AMgonna leave an epic ass print  B)

Damn right
The Gallery / Re: My art
Today at 03:14 AM


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This summer heat Is not fun, so I decided to make this sweaty Ruby to ease this pain
This aren't my free Robux...
A Russian bot posting ads and things about environmental checks such as the Air and Water quality was not on my bingo.

I'm kind of scare about those last things I mentioned, tbh.
Quote from: rtil on July 22, 2024 01:53 AMi do not care for minecraft
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Eh, understandable tbh
Quote from: nuac_ on July 14, 2024 11:48 PMNintendo fans aren't people
They are annoying, but not that pathetic as PlayStation fanboys. 

QuoteSo like, out with it; I wanna hear this awesome video game burn u got
Not yet, I'm waiting a little bit more with this one.
Quote from: nuac_ on July 14, 2024 11:42 PMZelda Breath of the wild, I ran out of breath running back to the store for a refund 0/5

One of those games you can't say anything bad without getting people going against you.
Hello there, whatever Is left from TBA. I came with another of my threads, this time, with a question. do you have a controversial opinion about videogames? can be one particular game and a genre or various. being Independent or Triple-A. 

I have one that guaranties my instant execution If I say it aloud, but I will share it i get an interesting reply.   
The Gallery / Re: My art
July 14, 2024 12:28 AM
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A drawing request made for a good friend as a gift for other one. both liked it.

OCs feature on the drawing are from the artist McTheoArt 
More music coming from a mod. this time Its part of a Doom 2 megawad collab "Community Chest 2". a hit and miss collab, but It has one of the best maps ever made for Doom 2 B.P.R.D.s The Mucus Flow and the midi that came with It.

My honest reaction to that Information
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This one got me for surprise, I wasn't expecting a comatose Sourcemod to have a god-tier soundtrack.

Neotokyo might be one of the coolest total conversion mods to ever exist, damn shame that the devs disbanded and went to other places. but at least Ed Harrison cares about it. you can get the soundtrack on his Bandcamp and It also got released on physical not too long ago!

Personal favorites: Tin Soldiers and Nimbus 

Quote from: nuac_ on June 30, 2024 05:19 AM
Quote from: Dr. DiegO on June 29, 2024 04:00 AMSkrull? Like the Marvel Comics aliens?


They were in New Avengers and probably the 2 seasons of the 90s fantastic four cartoon. I don't  count the marvel fighting game.

I also remember them for Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 30, 2024 05:27 AM

Quote from: rtil on June 30, 2024 05:09 AMif you own clip studio paint from before you can keep it forever you just won't get updates.

Yeah I know perfectly that, It's just that I don't feel comfortable with what they are doing. That last announcement got me away. how also the software Is taxing for my humble Laptop and I don't own the previous versions of CSP so I can't rollback, and since I want to move to Linux In the near future, CSP is not an option. Krita already got me cover from before and I'm fine with that.
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 29, 2024 06:57 PM
And now back to porn of my OC


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I normally do this Black N' White drawings from time to time mostly when I want to have something now. the first on top being my favorite one from all the erotic pieces of Ruby I made, It's part of a series I made.

The one of the bottom was a Clip Studio Test I made with her. nice software, to bad they got Infected by Adobe's bullshit monetization scheme and roll back to Krita and this was a gift from my mom. damn shame.
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 29, 2024 06:44 PM

In one moment, i decided to challenge myself in using MS Paint to make at least something and i came with this disaster.

What makes it interesting is not that, but one of the drawings and no, It's not Sseth or Ken Ashcorp, but the one on the right of the previous one mentioned. that's Akage Megane avatar from the Babiniku-Type V-Tuber of the YT channel THEBaratusII. channel dedicated to Retro PC Gaming mostly about Retro FPS (Boomer Shooter V-Tuber). he liked the little fanart I made of his avatar to the point of cropping and using it in one of his thumbnails with accreditation and talked with me of course.

Drawing her holding Unreal's Flak Cannon not only helped to make this happen since he's a passionate fan of the Unreal franchise (being rightfully mad when Epic deleted the entire franchise from stores to keep Fortnite running) but It Is also fitting with the theme of the video. not only Is on the video thumbnail but also posted on his website

Crop courtesy of THEBaratusII

I feel this like, an achievement of sorts.
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 29, 2024 06:18 PM
Another fairly new OC

Her name is Skye, she is basically the nerdy, somewhat reserved, organized, office lady with a sassy side that comes out from time to time. she is a friend of Ruby, being basically the type opposites that are friends, and the colors on their clothes reflect that.


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I'm still tuning her design and i didn't made a sheet for her yet, hell i also need to update Ruby's one. 
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 29, 2024 06:01 PM
More art of my OC Ruby


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The one on the top was made for one of those art trends I found on Twitter with this picture and the bottom one actually came first, It was another try on a perspective shot. but both of these drawing was to test natural skin highlights at least In a simplistic way. 
Skrull? Like the Marvel Comics aliens?
Entertainment / Re: Obscure Games
June 26, 2024 09:38 AM
It's Incredible how the Dreamcast housed very unique games and had features ahead of It's time, what a shame It didn't lived long due to Sony, SEGA's previous flops and how the made the situation even worst of what It was.