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wtf...actually hax0red
The Gallery / Re: My art
Today at 03:15 AM
gonna leave an epic ass print  B)
my hot take has been demoted to mild bobby sauce
i do not care for minecraft
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a lot of the music in this game was repurposed but some were original compositions. still my favorite civ game. don't play them anymore, sucks up too much time.
there are several boots that fit up your ass
General / Re: AI Coders are crap.
July 4, 2024 04:42 PM
user was banned for this post

This message was posted with my hands - the world-best fingers for typing, poasting, and drawing goodly
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 30, 2024 05:09 AM
if you own clip studio paint from before you can keep it forever you just won't get updates. nice work though
i presume
ngl back then i didn't know where the word "skrull" came from and thought it was something he made up
Entertainment / Re: Obscure Games
June 26, 2024 06:18 PM
piracy was also a huge issue for the dreamcast. the GD-rom was too easy to copy and people figured out how to get the dreamcast to play pirated games quickly. however afaik only model 1 dreamcasts will play them and there are 4 different models.

of course now we also have emulation which works fairly well
Entertainment / Re: Obscure Games
June 26, 2024 12:10 AM
Quote from: etch on June 25, 2024 04:53 PM

cool cool toon is a fun little rhythm game by SNK released only on the dreamcast. some of the characters have a very sanrio-esque design. it was only released in japan but there's an english fan translation patch now
the little minigames are hilarious, especially the shooting one in the pipe. it's definitely a lot more involved than the more well known Space Channel 5. many rhythm games at arcade still use a really similar interface to the circle seen in this game, but with touchscreens. i didn't know about this, really cool.
The Gallery / Re: My art
June 26, 2024 12:05 AM
she cute
Quote from: Dr. DiegO on June 22, 2024 04:48 AMI see.  totally understandable, that's a lot for just one person, worst when you don't have a solid foundation from where to start. but I must say, from the small things I saw of all this, I really dig It and I can see you put It heart on It.
it was the first time i really felt confident about my animation skills and wanted to go "all out". i learned a lot while i was making it and i think you can see that . i even had gone back and re-made certain things but eventually i had to stop and just be done with it.

it's definitely a bit clumsy but i'm glad i made it.

about a year later i worked with my then girlfriend now wife on "the lighthouse girl", and while there was two of us (and a musician) that also took 8 months - albeit it is more than double the length.

long story short, animation takes time.

i wouldn't do something on that scale again unless i could pay people to help me make it.
i spent 8 months on metropolis circuit. as i began to craft a larger narrative and an "episode one" as it were i realized it was far beyond the scope of anything i was reasonably capable of doing by myself. basically, i wasn't willing to dedicate what would certainly be years of my spare time to something that i didn't even fully have fleshed out. it was a smattering of random ideas and inspirations that i was making up as i was going along.

as time went on and i graduated from college, i entered the workforce, and the rest was history. by the time i was back doing my own thing, i had simply moved on
lot of nostalgia talking here but skies of arcadia. i was in to this game in a big way for a long time. it was the first RPG i ever beat. still one of only a handful i've bothered playing, and the only one i've played more than once - 3 times to be exact. and i still need to beat it a 4th time because i never played Legends - the Gamecube port with more content - despite having a copy.

before the youtube/google+ merge i tried to find as many comments from the guy who originally made that comment. i think there is something genuinely wrong with his brain
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i think it may have been some lame attempt to get a rise out of me or something, idfk but i can kinda picture that hope that i'd freak out and reply with something like "WE DENOUNCE SIRTOM HE HAS NEVER POSTED ON OUR SECRET CLUB. YOU WILL REGRET THIS!!!"
wonder what sirtom93 is up to these days
still in the slammer? idk
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