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Hello there, whatever Is left from TBA. I came with another of my threads, this time, with a question. do you have a controversial opinion about videogames? can be one particular game and a genre or various. being Independent or Triple-A. 

I have one that guaranties my instant execution If I say it aloud, but I will share it i get an interesting reply.   
Entertainment / Obscure Games
June 15, 2024 05:07 AM
Okay, another very specific theme thread I made. I like to talk about videogames that fell into obscurity, games that are not that well know for the majority of people but they are Interesting to talk and, of course, play.

I'll start this thread with one that, In my opinion, encapsulate the definition I presented for the type of game I'm talking about.

Gunman Chronicles It's a very interesting and original FPS develop by Rewolf Entretainment and released In the year 2000. originally started development In 1998 as a multiplayer mod for Quake, later jumping to Quake 2 and later to Half-Life. It was shown at the Half-Life Mod Expo in 1999, an event hosted by Valve and It's old publisher Sierra Entertainment to showcase the vast modding scene of Half-Life and showing the latest of Valve like the highly anticipated Team Fortress 2. alongside popular mods like USS Darkstar, Action Half-Life, and Counter-Strkie, Gunman Chronicles was the killer show of the event bringing the attention of Sierra, which they were Interested in making Gunman a fully independent game, Rewolf got funded and expanded and received aid from Valve to finish the game.

Gunman Chronicles Is basically a Pulp story that combines Starship Troopers and Spaghetti Western films, something you never see together. compare to Half-Life, Gunman Is more a typical classic FPS but with a twist on Its gameplay. you don't have reloads but you weapons can be modified and configured In real time! for example: you can set how many shells you can shoot at the same time and change the spread of the pellets, you blaster can be change to a wide of modes with a sniper rifle modification, you grenades can be set as tripwire and cluster but they are also the ammunition of the M.U.L.E. the Rocket/Grenade Launcher and so on.

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This game is also visually impressive for being a GoldSrc game, did you know that the textures are painted by hand and the models are sculpted? It's true! and you can check it out here

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Did you also know that this Is the first videogame role of Jim French? the voice actor of Bill in Left 4 Dead and the Father Grigori In Half-Life 2.

I can tell much of this game, Is one of those that you need to play to get all and words and pictures don't make it justice (more because I don't have much screenshots right now and there's a a lot of text right now). but, where I can play it? well, that's where we get why It's an obscure game.

Gunman Chronicles receive at it's launch mixed reviews and It didn't reach so far, Rewolf was dissolve the next year and the creators went to other places also leading to the cancellation of a Gamecube port (now that's Interesting). Valve keep the rights of the game, however, they don't sell the game on Steam for unknown reasons despite that there's evidence that at one point It was going to be alongside the other GoldSrc games on Steam at it's launch.

So how can you play this Abandonware?

  • you can get a physical copy or... you know and try to install it, which is ill advice, modern operative systems don't go well with the WON version of GoldSrc, you get a crash at the start of the game
  • Installing on steam as a Half-Life mod (which requires to have that game to run it) and using the Steam Patch made by Revenant100 (better known as MarphitimusBlackimus or MarphyBlack on short) so far the most easy one
  • Use the files of your copy and run it with Xash3D, an engine made to be an advance mod platform (Half-Life's equivalent of GZDoom)

One more thing, If you are not playing the retail version you are missing the CGI Intro of the game which contain a critical part of the story, the beginning. the mod and Xash3D don't have the ability to play video like retail does.

Anyways, that's a lot yapping I made. If you have the chance of play it go for it. It's a cool game and a hidden gem of the GoldSrc era.

You have other obscure games with interesting stories?
I love to hear a good soundtrack In a videogame, but sometimes I manage to found OSTs that are just beautiful. one of them are Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil. a couple of particular songs come to my mind when I remember this game.

Do you have other pieces you want to share?
Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin are dead, and the layoffs and studio killing Is only getting worst. what a time to be alive.

Moral of the story: Never, NEVER, celebrate corporate fusions and acquisitions, ever.

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Little Illustration made by myself based In the closure of Arkane Austin and the fate of the Prey IP
The Gallery / My art
May 6, 2024 02:52 AM
I want to show my art here because, why not?

A POOTIS ENGAGE Fanart, my most popular piece.

A Left 4 Dead/Plants Vs Zombies mash-up

A Mr. Valve fanart on paper I made In late high school which Is a remake of a previous one

(The old one)

An OC fanart I made for a mutual on Newgrounds

A Half-Life tribute art made for the 25th anniversary of the game. (pretty clear I'm a Valve fan lol)

Commissioned artwork of Mari Makinami and Nico Robin doing arm wrestling, and Robin Is not playing fair.

A D&D request I got on Discord.

Original Character of mine, her name Is Ruby. this artwork was made for this lunar year. 



I like to know a little bit of the history of this place since I'm kind of a new user here and I see this place goes way back to 2005, even If It Is not that particularly great, I wish to know.     
Entertainment / Beta Minecraft
March 15, 2024 12:22 AM
I got myself hook recently with the old versions of Minecraft thanks to a new wave of Minecraft content on YouTube dedicated to do let's plays on this versions being a stark contrast with current Minecraft content on YouTube, without mixing Minecraft youtubers like: Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, xisumavoid, EthosLab, AntVenom, etc. but modern Minecraft content on YouTube is really bad, designed to be content farm with no distinction from one of each other, manufactured at grand scale, artificial that gets pretty tiresome and most of the time the people behind is the worst (without extending in that last part further...) but the so called "Golden Age" Minecraft content feels... refreshing, ironic considering that they are playing outdated versions of the game, it's fascinating to watch these videos because this people are actually genuine, with genuine commentary and Interaction with their audience and what they achieved under the limitations and problems of playing a Beta release of Minecraft, and shines the initial appeal of Minecraft that sadly was lost with the time when the game got updates. like the old videos from a decade ago when Minecraft was the hot shit on YouTube and there was no types of videos or whatsoever. not just recreations made by nostalgia. sure, this videos might get boring for a lot of people (that's a common criticism of the game overall) but this is a type of video we don't get often today and I'm glad is back and it's even doing a small change with the new content, not that great, but people is getting tired of the current stale content.

My first version of Minecraft i played was Release 1.8, the last one develop by Mojang as a independent developer, and that was the only thing i know about Minecraft, getting wood, make a bed, skip the night, gather food and XP, build my shelter get al the ores until reach diamond, go to The Nether, make potions, enchantments, defeating The Whither, finding the stronghold and kill the Ender Dragon and... now what? the biggest problem with modern Minecraft is that there's too much to do and you get overwhelmed, too easy to beat and more with the exploits you can make, there's no reward, no satisfaction, sure you can build everything, but even that gets unsatisfactory for how easy it is and the new updates (with some exceptions) don't help,  the add too much stuffs that most of the time are useless and the only value they have is a completionist one. i can now understand why the Beta 1.8 was and still is a controversial updated, more than the 1.9 update.

But playing Beta 1.7.3 is a whole different experience. limited in most aspects but more open with the sandbox possibilities, where i can set my goals instead of following a linear progression, there's less blocks and placement options, but, under the limitations, creativity can flourish, the terrain is more interesting than the release versions, even the Caves and Cliffs update, making grand buildings a pleasure to make and watch, the difficulty is also another factor, the first night is hard but it's rewarding surviving it, and Creepers are a real threat in this version and the pitch black darkness you find in caves and the night gives a unique feeling and atmosphere and more with how dangerous the mobs are in this version.

I dunno, this version is what defines Minecraft a resource gathering sandbox where the player can set their own goals with a strong social component and a unique proposition. don't know if someone will read this long rant about a cube game that's mostly associated with content farms today.   
Introductions / Hey there
February 28, 2024 02:53 AM
 My name is Diego and I'm new here, came from Newgrounds. After some technical trouble I finally got an account here. It's cool to see the old way of interaction on the web still's up to this day.