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QuoteGitHub and other sources have reported more than 50% of developers adopting AI Assisted-development during 2023. What these sources haven't reported is how the composition of code changes when AI is used.

We examine 4 years worth of data, encompassing more than 150m changed lines of code, to determine how AI Assistants influence the quality of code being written. We find a significant uptick in churn code, and a concerning decrease in code reuse.

"Essentially, code written by devs using copilot (ide-integrated AI) is of the quality of overseas short term contractors who dont give a fuck about the project"
"It's written 55% faster, but it's a garbage fire" - a friend  B)
General / Games I hate, with songs I hate
January 28, 2024 03:33 AM
1 Aye Carumba's out of 5.
Homer sez: Do'h nt play this game.
Fuck off Matt Groening, see you on Epsteins list ..|..
hi just letting u know.

Dec 4th my friend who is a dentist from texas got owned and didn't tell anyone, (cuz how could he), got hacked and I was misled by a game download because I make games and I assumed my good friend wanted help with it and I got owned, and how misleading is that lol.

So I recovered for a but until the 4th of Jan when I was locked out of nuac@l*******.ca and the back up to recover it.

I dont remember if the hacker msgd anyone on TBA while I was hacked cuz I made sure to check but he did msg ppl trying to shill them too.

You guys aren't idiots like I am so I'm sure ur all fine idk.
General / Old memoery
November 29, 2023 11:29 PM
This one time Khawner dumped his password with ctrl+v by mistake on IRC AND I GRABBED IT LOLOOLOLLULULULULL,10036.0.html

I was khawner for like 2 seconds

and then I think he got his password back idk.

I did not want to die with this secret on me

If it is not Benji : The Hunted You must live on another planet.
This movie has mountain lions, mountain lion cubs, Benji, and a bear.
And he rescues them all I bet.

I havent seen it entirely , I got scared and turned it off 1/3rd into it.
Entertainment / Lena Dunham
October 17, 2023 01:49 AM

How'd she get fat using this one weird tip
Click now.
Entertainment / Five Easy Pieces (1970)
October 11, 2023 02:17 PM
this movie is

General / N E W T O P I C !!!!!!!!!!
October 11, 2023 01:45 AM

Just joking.
Entertainment / AI voice guide info
October 3, 2023 02:35 AM
Edit: Google Collab is blocking ppl from running these files
YMMV with  something better like Kit.AI or another AI service these days
Edit2: I havent found one yet, if you find one let me know

If youve wanted to generate AI voices, there's a google doc thread here.

I want to be very discreet so it doesnt show up in search results but most of it is pretty self-explainatory.

1) Get an AI model url from the AI model Hub
2) Add it to your setup, using the Easy Gui layout (its in the instructions)
3a) You can record your own voice to modulate
3b) You can use the text to speech feature if you dont want to record your own voice
4) You can add acapellas to instrumentals of existing songs too.

There's a list of instructions for running it off your own computer but I've ignored those for simplicity

I've made a couple of whacky things with it idk.

It'd be really cool if we got the prince of all saiyans to read a topic from delicious or something stupid liek that idk

Vegeta: No Kakarot, don't eat anymore mushrooms!! Ahhhh

Entertainment / Final Fantasy XIV thread
October 3, 2023 12:42 AM
give me ur user so I can join ur server and bug u

Like this:

 :grr:  :grr:  :grr:  :grr:  :grr:
Entertainment / Street Fighter IV is a lie
December 18, 2019 06:42 PM
Zangief cannot be that easy to use

I have a bigger list but go on. Tell me otherwise
Trying to figure out what to do in Adams Family Values really sucked so I traded it for a copy of NBA JAM; I even bought a multitap and 4 controllers to get away from that "Christmas gift" from an Aunt. (That aunt turned out to be really crazy and really big into holistic new age medical shit but anyway).

Plz post.
Wreck it ralph poo

This movie was an enormous shit into the throat of anyone who liked video games or anything resembling the first
It is formulaic moral heavy disney garbage. Keep dat shit out of my bluray player

General / Isn't this that cartoon u like?
August 19, 2018 09:37 PM
"Guy in the shell?"
I watched the first movie expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised.
I went and saw the second and I guess they accomplished a little more than the first movie.
This movie was too edgy and funny and whacky for me? I missed a few of the jokes largely because I'm not 20 anymore and don't read the comics?
The thing I feared is that the second movie would go into the direction the first one did not, and it kind of did, but it wrapped up quite nicely.
I don't think they balanced between the emotionally serious and comedic scenes very well, but it was better than most movies.

I must be dead wrong tho cuz these 2 girls infront near the corner of the aisle were just laughing hysterically at every single joke, and I felt this wasn't my thing. I'm not a 12 year old boy trapped in an adult man's body

well w/e