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The Gallery / Re: May as well,
April 30, 2024 09:41 PM
Whole lotta art I'd been holding onto for a couple events recently:

General / Re: music thread 2.1
April 28, 2024 07:51 PM
Good album.
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
April 26, 2024 03:26 PM
Drawn quite a bit since last time; gone in for a mostly-traditional-but-with-digital-colouring kind of thing since it's faster than what I've been doing. I've acquired a tablet but I'm not too happy with how I am at using it yet.

The Gallery / Re: May as well,
February 22, 2024 11:49 PM
Things I've done for the last couple months; mostly I've been doing sketches recently and I don't feel like sharing those:

^This one's based on the webcomic Peony
Also made an addition to that stairs animation; I wanna add a little more but I'm on break for the moment:
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
February 22, 2024 11:38 PM
Quote from: PocketIllust on February 16, 2024 03:31 AMi love the little hedgehog friend :3
Thanks; he's based on a toy my dad used to have.
Quote from: Lanceabite on February  9, 2024 02:43 AMPopular video       New Porn in HD

Well I trust this guy.
General / Re: music thread 2.1
February 13, 2024 12:24 PM
Been going through the whole discography recently; This album and Catch a Fire are my favourite so far though I can remember at least something worthwhile on all but the first of them.
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
December 30, 2023 06:02 PM

Scanned some art I did for my parents for Christmas, entirely coincidentally a pair of hog-related things.
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
December 27, 2023 09:59 PM

Some stuff for a Secret Santa, for Glass-Goblin on Newgrounds. I only needed to do the one image but I got a ways into the horse drawing and was struck by the thought that there was perhaps too much horse and not enough betitted vampire OC and decided to whip up a second one.
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
November 21, 2023 06:47 PM
Been writing a fanfiction for which I decided to design and draw some setting-appropriate creatures for fun. Thought I would have to make some for the latest chapter and wanted to post them about when I did but I didn't so here's the ones I already have:

(^couldn't be bothered to fix gaps made by selecting by colour for these ones)

Super crunchy images because I started doing these without remembering color to alpha and by the time I had it felt like a waste of time to go back and fix them.
I don't have any song-related dream stories but in the realm of ignorable but interesting music I quite like Cosmo Sheldrake's birdsong things:
Sometimes he sings also but that becomes less ignorable.
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
November 8, 2023 05:49 PM
Russia's most famous clown and associates, drawn for my mum's birthday like a month ago:

And a lil animation I made of a thing I plan to use in a drawing, though I'm still mulling over what else I want said drawing to be:
She klingon my prise til I enter Nirvana
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
October 30, 2023 11:25 PM
Halloween outfits I made for some OCs off of an art prompt, prompting me to make halloween outfits for my OCs. Was in a bit of a hurry but I think they turned out alright.
General / Re: the one page thread
October 26, 2023 06:41 PM
From the webcomic Stand Still Stay Silent, back before the author found Jesus:
The Gallery / Re: May as well,
October 26, 2023 06:19 PM
Quote from: naturally on October 12, 2023 08:30 PMi like the castle-ish house one quite a bit. really cool to look at.
Very late reply (I had exams going) but castle-ish house one is actually meant to be the Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne. Despite my best efforts it ended up a lot skinnier than the in-game version.
Not to brag but I've seen several rawer forests.
He'd still be dead presumably.
General / Re: music thread 2.1
October 8, 2023 08:06 PM
Haven't found the rest of their discography as exciting unfortunately.
The Gallery / May as well,
October 8, 2023 07:58 PM
Maybe a bad time since right now I've got stuff going on and amn't drawing as much but I may also forget this forum exists by the time I'm drawing again so here's some stuff I have some fondness for: