"i will draw/darwin yr INTERNETSELF"

Started by The Good Ole Ant, November 20, 2009 07:13 AM

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The Good Ole Ant

just post yr whatever y__ want drawn and ill do it eventually
if yr'e someone i knew from the ss or whatever and just want yrself drawn, y__ only have to post

foodeetin 3:35 pm
   u rich prick tho man
   fuckin ceo ass
   give me a raise
   in the future i mean
sAlaDofMetal 3:35 pm
   ill ma fccain dic in yo face
sAlaDofMetal 3:36 pm
   "ill ma fccain dic in yo face" what the fuck
foodeetin 3:36 pm
sAlaDofMetal 3:36 pm
   ill ma's fuckin dick in your face
foodeetin 3:36 pm



well how about make a fighting game with either monsters or humans or both. The main character is 7ft he can have wings. he uses a sword that can change shape. his clothes can be just about anything. he is about 180lbs his fighting without a sword is really weak. he can use magic fire ice water thunder darkness and holy. maybe a healing spell or two. oh and he can combine spells except for ones that oppose each other.like dark and holy.fire and ice.lightning and water. those are uncombinable. oh and the dark spell causes status ailments like poison and blind or deafness. deafness causes opponent to be easier to hit critically with magic or physical attacks. the main character can change form. he is hunting down the other half demons who his wife slept with. he can learn new skills like super strike that causes attack damage to rise by 210% for that strike. you can make the health and magic bars either numbers or bars depending on preference. if im missing anything let me know or if your stuck and need more ill help and the demons can look like whatever so lets see how far this gets you


i was disappointed because i thought this thread said i will draw darwin
could you draw darwin


yeah darwin's much cooler than our internet selves

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