Started by Sinitron, March 16, 2008 11:10 PM

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pffff nah not gonna happen


<lenko> i saw a hedgehog on the way home if i was drunk i would have yelled IM DOCTOR RRRRROBOTNIK and chased it 


god i hate you so much sinister :[


<+fawx> im trying to animate a dick coming out of a toaster how do i go on about doing this
<~rtil> well fawx what you would do is delete the fla and do something productive instead

<+ansel> i lure children into my van with candy and then i read them passages from 'the origin of species'
<%ropesnake> billy con ends with billy raping his cat
<+billymonks> FUCK YOU BUG

<~rtil> ya one time i gave this hobo some cat food and he ate it like the animal he is it pleased me


Quote from: systekPantaloons
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXzWBqmuoo4 <- soviet parade uniform

trent bortknob


ooo looking really nice. What program did you use to make that.


trent bortknob

Quote from: ΨNicoleooo looking really nice. What program did you use to make that.
that sentence was a question so it should've had a question mark

i wouldn't have said anyhting about that but you had a period at the end so it seemed like you eitehr forgot or didnt know


I can hear it now.

The sound of my brain cracking.

It is less pleasant than one would hope or expect.