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Started by adamant, January 2, 2008 10:19 PM

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how do i do proper frame organization, this goes too FUCKING fast

someone help me for the love of  


it should be under the frame bar where it says "(#) fps"

you double click that and viola
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i think he means frame spacing and sutff not the frame rate

i think atleast

just wait till rtil gets here
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<+wwchicken> once i walked into the kitchen and there was a sound
<+wwchicken> but i could only hear it when i stood on one spot in the kitchen
<+wwchicken> then i turned off the light
<+wwchicken> and it was gone
<+wwchicken> then i turned the light back on and there it was again
<+wwchicken> so i thought, its an invisible alien
<+wwchicken> but hes scared of the dark


well there's not a whole lot there
however your problem is that you have the rough frames now, but you haven't messed with timing. think of slow ins and slow outs. watch yourself when you lift your foot as if you're about to step on something. the middle part of the motion is the fastest, then as your knee reaches its peak, you begin to slow down. start spreading them out in 2's, then 4's, 8's and maybe even 16's as you reach the last frame or two.

messing with timing is essential to almost any rough animation - nobody gets it right the first time. keep moving your frames until it plays out and feels right to you


i've never heard of using spreading out towards the end, i always thought it was precise evening for everything
fuckin locks never told me that part

thanks rtil


added some frames at the end cause thats all i think was needed
but now another question arises

how many inbetweens should i have?


Quote from: unconditionallyguarANTeed

added some frames at the end cause thats all i think was needed
but now another question arises

how many inbetweens should i have?

Doesn't seem like you understood rtil. You didn't do the easing thing.

But I've posted this in another topic once before, it can be useful in this topic as well.

The way the ball animation is made works for other animation too. You just need to understand the easing. I'm not going to repeat what rtil said though. you simply have to keep trying until you get it right.


okay wow i made an anigen out of myself

thanks loathsome


on its way.. you know not to try and poke into other things but as a whole the rough animation is lacking a lot of dynamism. his entire body is completely still except for that one leg. think about all the motions your body could make in that lift up to make it more interesting