AI Coders are crap; thread & stories inside

Started by nuac_, January 30, 2024 12:50 PM

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QuoteGitHub and other sources have reported more than 50% of developers adopting AI Assisted-development during 2023. What these sources haven't reported is how the composition of code changes when AI is used.

We examine 4 years worth of data, encompassing more than 150m changed lines of code, to determine how AI Assistants influence the quality of code being written. We find a significant uptick in churn code, and a concerning decrease in code reuse.

"Essentially, code written by devs using copilot (ide-integrated AI) is of the quality of overseas short term contractors who dont give a fuck about the project"
"It's written 55% faster, but it's a garbage fire" - a friend  B)

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