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Started by ansel, November 9, 2023 01:09 PM

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2 nights ago i fell asleep listening to the tired sounds of stars of the lid & had a dream where i was platonically showering with another man. it wasnt sensual or erotic in any way, we were just in the same shower at the same time, handing the soap back & forth. anyway post your favorite ambient/drone music, background noise, et cetera, anything cool that is "as ignorable as it is interesting"

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your story reminds me of something not nearly as gay unfortunately. when i was a junior in high school i was listening to the radio while lying on my bed and this came on and i fell asleep to it cuz it was so relaxing. i woke up in the morning not knowing what i had heard, and i had to email the deejay of the show that played the night before to see if he'd tell me what was playing around that time cuz back then in the caveman days shazam and shit didn't exist. fortunately he replied and sent me a list of some tracks and after going through a few i found it and that's how i discovered sigur ros. i don't listen much to this kind of music but i'd say this track definitely introduced me to it. it's funny cuz that radio station used to mostly play buttrock and numetal during the day, but at night they had different shows that would play all kind of music.


I don't have any song-related dream stories but in the realm of ignorable but interesting music I quite like Cosmo Sheldrake's birdsong things:
Sometimes he sings also but that becomes less ignorable.


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