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Started by petricolor, November 4, 2023 02:06 AM

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Your name is PETRICOLOR. You have an interest in MARINE BIOLOGY and your favorite animal is the CUTTLEFISH. As a child, you wanted to become SPIDER-MAN, but this was quickly changed when you realized superheroes were NOT REAL. Nevertheless, you still keep up with the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, for better or for worse. Outside of this, you greatly enjoy films and music of the INDEPENDENT variety, particularly COMING OF AGE movies and ANTIFOLK songs. In your free time, you like to write stories of EPIC PROPORTIONS and draw ART DEEMED NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You additionally regularly attend ANIME CONVENTIONS at which you partake in your hobby of COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHY. This allows you to see characters from your favorite anime IN REAL LIFE. Your twitter is https://twitter.com/404_petricolor and you have a terrible habit of making REFERENTIAL SHITPOSTS. What will you do?


this post is CUTE and FUNNY


Name: Miguel Sanchez
Occupation: Babysitter
Rates: $0:25/hr
DM me for inquiries.
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Name: Rooni "PocketIllust" Pockets
Occupation: drawfag
Sex: Yes
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