what are you thankful for rn

Started by Jon, October 10, 2023 04:39 AM

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where the fuck did you get these goofy azz looney tunes emojis from  :junior:


you think i remember that shit!! idk but i'm thankful for them every day especially this one :wile: thank u me from the past for being looney and tuney


im thankful that no homeless people are yellin outside rn


Quote from: Jon on October 10, 2023 05:15 AMwhere the fuck did you get these goofy azz looney tunes emojis from  :junior:

I get the feeling theyre like from a kit outta the default layout the bbs software used to run on, cuz Ive seen them a thousand times over on other forums, but no one ever brought them to great utility; they just deleted them.

There's a 60s catwoman and a 90s batman iirc.

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:atta: came with the forum she might actually be the oldest emoji on this forum that has survived every incarnation because i remember she came with IPBoard which i pirated back in 2005 lmao


i am thankful for the looney tunes emojis :stork:
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Sobriety, Anime, and Waifus.


i love my apartment. i've had my own place for a couple yrs now & it's not super deluxe but it's home. i got the furniture & decor looking elegant after yrs of autismo iteration & careful plotting. i have a big ikea shelf for all my soy knick knacks. i got them apple homepods in every room and i can play whatever whenever. never have to fight over the bathroom or kitchen. it's blissful. i've also really come to appreciate stuff like the pine tree outside the window & how the shade is cast as the sun moves across the sky, or when the amtrak train blasts thru as i'm walking out to my car with the city skyline on the horizon & it feels like my life a movie frfr

the main problem is the constant highway noise & the fine white dust settling on every surface in my home & every cell in my body but w/e i guess that's life in the fast lane  :duke:

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you can't run from the dust it will chase you to the ends of the earth
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