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Started by nuac_, October 3, 2023 02:35 AM

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Edit: Google Collab is blocking ppl from running these files
YMMV with  something better like Kit.AI or another AI service these days
Edit2: I havent found one yet, if you find one let me know

If youve wanted to generate AI voices, there's a google doc thread here.

I want to be very discreet so it doesnt show up in search results but most of it is pretty self-explainatory.

1) Get an AI model url from the AI model Hub
2) Add it to your setup, using the Easy Gui layout (its in the instructions)
3a) You can record your own voice to modulate
3b) You can use the text to speech feature if you dont want to record your own voice
4) You can add acapellas to instrumentals of existing songs too.

There's a list of instructions for running it off your own computer but I've ignored those for simplicity

I've made a couple of whacky things with it idk.

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The above link will guide you to an offline RVC Mango AI voices thing , so you wont need google collab.

Then you can make awful stuff like this:

Or this:

-Google AIHub to find the discord to find voices; Download them
-Drop them (voice.pth) in 'weights' folder
-Set Silence to 0.5 to turn it off, (the setting is there somewhere)
-Select ur crap from the drop down menus (e.g. ur acapella.wav , your voice model)
-Hit Convert

You might need to check alerts on your firewall before starting; this all runs in a webpage.

you are a big,big pervert.You have unbridled fantasy!!!