hello there, im new!

Started by BB10 clock, May 16, 2018 11:34 PM

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BB10 clock

hello guys, i joined this place, because an old friend told me to check it out...

apparently this is a community that discusses flash stuff, animation methods and whatnot, right?

well, i have been doing flash movies for a long time now, i suck, but whatever, i try to slowly improve, and the most important thing is to have fun, am i right?

as for my other ''credentials'', i've joined the legendary animation website ''newgrounds'' on 2006, (but i was lurking NG since 2002), and i later joined the (also legendary) animtion group of the ''clock crew'' as BB10-clock on 2007, while i was watching CC/LL movies since 2003+.

apart from that, i've taken part in random collabs, i've drawn a couple pics for various art contests and i've also made stuff for various clubs+animation teams on NG, and in other sites as well.
im not a pro, im a noob and an amateur, but its OK.

are there any other CC/LL members in here?
who else got in here by the swain's podcast about the old days of the CC/LL and the early era's of flash animation in the internet?
like i said above, i was discussing swain's podcast with a friend of mine, and we both decided to drop by in here, to see whats going on in here.

i hope that you dont mind.

its nice to see you, feel free to talk with me, and please be civilized, thanks.



welcome! i'm not really sure how many people are still around that have/had CC/LL avatars since our newgrounds days are long behind us, but i'm sure plenty of people remember. i was in the star syndicate myself.

the forums haven't been active in a long while, we mostly are on discord these days if you use it, the server link is above.




yo, pumpkin lock here. Hello.