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Started by wasp, October 8, 2023 07:58 PM

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Maybe a bad time since right now I've got stuff going on and amn't drawing as much but I may also forget this forum exists by the time I'm drawing again so here's some stuff I have some fondness for:


i like the castle-ish house one quite a bit. really cool to look at.


damn, these are great. can't believe i missed this thread. love the hatching work especially on the chapel. great compositions, too.


Quote from: naturally on October 12, 2023 08:30 PMi like the castle-ish house one quite a bit. really cool to look at.
Very late reply (I had exams going) but castle-ish house one is actually meant to be the Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne. Despite my best efforts it ended up a lot skinnier than the in-game version.


Halloween outfits I made for some OCs off of an art prompt, prompting me to make halloween outfits for my OCs. Was in a bit of a hurry but I think they turned out alright.


Russia's most famous clown and associates, drawn for my mum's birthday like a month ago:

And a lil animation I made of a thing I plan to use in a drawing, though I'm still mulling over what else I want said drawing to be:


Been writing a fanfiction for which I decided to design and draw some setting-appropriate creatures for fun. Thought I would have to make some for the latest chapter and wanted to post them about when I did but I didn't so here's the ones I already have:

(^couldn't be bothered to fix gaps made by selecting by colour for these ones)

Super crunchy images because I started doing these without remembering color to alpha and by the time I had it felt like a waste of time to go back and fix them.