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Started by rtil, July 6, 2013 11:54 PM

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these "concierge" tier packages for the games' top whales are sadly nothing new but this is definitely the most expensive one yet. in fact, this "Legatus" package has been around since 2018, when it used to cost "only" $27,000.

the price comes from the fact that you get every ship and then some. but of course, many of these ships only exist in concept.


Quote from: rtil on December 30, 2023 06:06 PMlmao

10 years later and it's still the same mountain of broken promises and gameplay

can't believe i used to shill for chris roberts

yeah, despite the best efforts of my friends who got me into it, I'm running out of the will to gaslight myself into liking it. nonstop bugs, server disconnects that wipe my progress..... it's all so tedious

at least my pledge ship was cheaper than your average AAA title
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just another 10 years and half a billion and a little bit of fairy magic and chris roberts will really show us what's up