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there you go again comparing it to gangnam style :wile:

Well, yeah. Of course I'm going to make comparisons to Gangnam Style. I'm always going to make comparisons to an artist's past work when looking at their newer stuff. I didn't expect his next single to be as good as Gangnam Style, but what we got was a lot less interesting than I expected. As I mentioned earlier, it didn't help that both songs had a lot of structure similarities which made quality comparisons even easier to make.

i think the reality is that you just prefer certain styles of their music. all of the albums have their own flavor, and are extremely consistent in that sense. homework might have less ups and downs, but every song is essentially a basic beat that gets built off of and plays for 5 minutes. discovery has real meat to it, you just don't happen to like all of it. discovery is their best album.

I feel Discovery has some of the best work they ever made and had the potential to be their best album, but the worst songs from it negatively impacted my view of that album a lot more than how the worst songs from Homework affected that album.

actually my point was that psy's new song is actually a good pop song but people expect too much of it because of gangnam style. if you are unable to separate the popularity with the music then there is a problem - nobody can live up to that kind of viral popularity on a consistent basis.

My opinion is based off of the quality of the song and how it compares to his previous work. It's not a bad song, but the song and the music video are nowhere near the quality of Gangnam Style. I also felt it borrowed too much from Gangnam Style in structure which made it look like a weaker song in comparison.

i'm not sure how you gauge discovery as an album with inconsistent quality when you personally identify half of the tracks as "classics". most albums only have one or two good songs - discovery is fairly consistent as an album as is daft punk as a band.

I base my opinion of its quality consistency from how much each song differs in quality. If the difference is huge between several songs, then I feel its quality is inconsistent. I enjoy every song on Homework, Alive 1997, and Alive 2007, where as I find songs like Crescendolls and High Life to be somewhat obnoxious and tend to look forward to when those songs finally end. Sometimes I've even skipped those songs while listening to the album. While part of Crescendolls was played at Alive 2007, it was pulled off better than how it's played in its original form and the same can be said of almost every song from Human After All that got played at Alive 2007. Human After All was only worked on for three weeks and it showed. It's unfortunate because I felt that album could've been much better if they put more effort into it. Alive 2007 improved the hell out of many songs from that album so they made up for it at least.

i don't see how you can say you dislike crescendolls or highlife immediately after saying you think that superheroes is a classic, the aesthetics of the songs are all very similar.

While there are similarities, the composition, vocal style, and overall sound is very different. Plus I've always really enjoyed Superheroes a lot, but could never like those other two songs.

the only thing i hate is that you're subscribed to feministfrequency on yt

She's definitely a controversial personality and has some serious flaws in how she approaches many issues, but I enjoyed the first episode of her series Damsel in Distress so I subscribed to her.

For anyone who doesn't know a whole lot about her, I recommend giving these videos a watch to understand why she's so hated.

Since I got tired of my old cover photo, I decided to modify that image rtil posted and turned it into my new cover photo.

Yes, I use that old image as my profile picture. For those who hated that image, be glad I never bothered to change my cat avatar on here.

Yeah, the new single by Psy was pretty disappointing. Considering the giant amount of hype Daft Punk have created for this album, hopefully it'll live up to that hype. I'm listening to Discovery and it reminds how the album is so inconsistent in quality. Songs like the first four tracks, Superheroes, Voyager, and Veridis Quo will always be important classics to me. Songs like Crescendolls, High Life, and Too Long however... Well, let's just say they do not excite me when they're about to come on. Too Long should've never been so goddamn long. -_- The joke behind the song's title stopped being funny after the first listen.

i really wish they'd stop teasing and release a single an the mv already
The teasing is getting ridiculous, but it is effective in building a fuckload of hype. :/ Brilliant marketing on their part.


Daft Punk released another commercial for SNL tonight. :D Most of it is the footage from Coachella, but now we can see it in great quality.

New SNL ad. This time we finally get a sample of a song that's a different song.

Too bad the sound quality to Alive 2007 sucked. Alive 1997 had much better sound quality but musically, both live albums were awesome.


The titles of the songs have now been revealed: [LINK]
We now have additional information about Daft Punk's new look: [LINK]

By the time their new album releases, hopefully I won't end up getting sick of their main single. >_> I played that Coaci'm gay video over ten times last night. RELEASE THE ALBUM, DAMMIT!

The album's move away from computerized sounds reflects Daft Punk's "ambivalence" about the EDM craze they helped to inspire. "Electronic music right now is in its comfort zone and it's not moving one inch," Thomas says. "That's not what artists are supposed to do." He adds that the genre is suffering "an identity crisis: You hear a song, whose track is it? There's no signature. Skrillex has been successful because he has a recognizable sound: You hear a dubstep song, even if it's not him, you think it's him."

Source: [LINK]

Unsurprisingly, the stale state of the electronic dance music scene had a big impact on their musical direction's future.

Let's face it, mainstream dance and electronic music has gotten really stale...really...really...really fucking stale. Much of it sounds the same and dubstep took over mainstream electronic music (which also sounds the same WUBWUBWUB). The future of dance and electronic music has not looked very good and as a result, I think many people are getting sick of it. This is probably why artists like Adele and Gotye have become so successful because a lot of people want something new. So in a time when electronic dance music is the most sale it's been in ages, the long awaited 4th album by Daft Punk seems like it might the glimmer of hope this industry needs. After a series of teaser commercials, they launched a video series called The Collaborators where people who worked on the album talk about their experiences in the music industry and their involvement on the album.

After three episodes, it became very clear this album was going to be very influenced by '70s disco. Last night, they finally revealed more about the album in a surprise video demonstration at Coachella and yeah, they are going full out disco.

How will this album change the industry? Could many of these collaborators have a career revival? Will disco become huge again? Soon we'll find out and I couldn't be more excited about this album's release.


lol coachella. Damn word filter.

Entertainment / Re: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
« on: March 9, 2013 03:14 PM »
Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind next time I play the game. I imagine the only way I'll get good at the online play is if I play it a lot, but I figure it's best I try to get far in the single player first so I'm very familiar with the maps. Currently, I have all the stars for the first 3/5 cups or whatever they're called in career mode. Haven't tried any of the other modes yet, but a lot of them seem very fun as well. This game was definitely worth the $20.25 I spent at Green Man Gaming. For anyone interested in this game that doesn't own it yet, you can buy it for only $14.98 at GamersGate. [LINK] They also have a ton of other Sonic games on sale too.

Entertainment / Re: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
« on: March 9, 2013 01:48 PM »
Plus Sonic Heroes was kind of crappy. I originally pre-ordered ASRT and but couldn't really enjoy it until recently because of computer problems. I've only really played this game on two different nights and put over 5 hours into the game both nights. If I had zero responsibilities, I probably would have over 40 hours logged in by the end of next week. >_> It took me 13 years to finally find a kart racing game I like about as much as Crash Team Racing and finally found it with this game. Mostly just playing single-player right now until I complete a ton of stuff since I want to be good at the game before heading online. You can find me on Steam here. With the exception of Alien: Colonial Marines, it seems like nearly every game SEGA has released lately is considered at least of "good" quality and I like that they're taking the PC platform seriously nowadays. I don't think consoles will do as well next gen and many PC gamers such as myself enjoy SEGA games so this was a smart move on their part.

mario kart for wii was so horrible that i don't think i'll ever play another racing game again for as long as i live and i shall die old and full of remorse

Mario Kart Wii's weapon balancing system sucked which ruined that game for me while ASRT has solid weapon balancing. The game lets you know if a player has a weapon and the weapons are usually dodgeable if you're skilled enough. Plus like rtil said, none of the attacks are anywhere near as cheap as the blue shell from the Mario Kart games. I fucking hate the tornado attacks though. Damn attack is disorientating and ruined what could have been some great rounds for me. >_<

The Gallery / Re: Custom Banjo-Kazooie Level
« on: February 1, 2013 11:30 PM »
Not a big fan of the series, but that looks like a pretty cool rom hack. Nice work.

Entertainment / Re: Dexter's Rude Removal
« on: February 1, 2013 11:26 PM »
Outside of the censored vulgarity and title card, the episode was pretty clean. Worst part of the episode is that it felt like it ended too quickly. I forgot the episode segments were so short. o_O

Edit: Here's an uncensored version:
""Dexter's Rude ..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Cartoon Network, Inc.. "


I'm an introvert, but definitely not an extreme one like I used to be. I was extremely anti-social in my teenage years and liked the fact I had no rl friends. Nowadays, that has changed a lot. I have made a lot of rl friends, I love having out with them, and I love partying. But I also love having time to myself and learned I need a balance of sorts. Too much time alone can make me go nuts, but being around people constantly is exhausting and can make me more sick of dealing with people. >_> Really enjoyed watching both that video and the newest episode that released today.

General / Re: Your Username and You
« on: December 8, 2012 03:14 PM »
Wow, I'm surprised so many people here had their usernames originate from their initials as well. o_O I originally came up with my username for a Sonic sprite comic I made in 2003 that never went publicly online. The character was a modified version of the Tails sprites from Sonic Advance and it looked generic as fuck. The character was blue, wore a red shirt, wore black pants, and for some fucking reason, I had the character wear green shoes. Two years later, I made a different version in 2005 that looked less shitty.

Then later that year, I discovered furries and ditched my character once I found out it some people thought I was a furry because I hated furries at the time. (Ironically, many years later, one of my best friends is a furry.) While my fan character was scrapped long ago, I'll never ditch my username. I use it on any site that allows me to use periods. My alternative variations are W-A-C, WAC, wac, WAC89, and wac89. Hmm... WAC89 is my initials and the year I was born. >_> I'm so unoriginal with usernames.


Worth mentioning I use FriedCrickets for PSN and YouTube, and I hate that username nowadays.

General / Re: Post Yourself pt. IX
« on: November 18, 2012 01:42 PM »
he's a man now


I've been an adult since 2007. >_> I'm 23 now.

I can begin hating you if you want I mean I'm not that much of a dick usually so I'm sure I have some hate to spare.

Nah, I'm good.

General / Re: Post Yourself pt. IX
« on: November 12, 2012 09:38 AM »
Thanks guy I also don't know.

General / Re: Post Yourself pt. IX
« on: November 12, 2012 12:59 AM »
Thanks for the welcome back messages. lol I remember when nearly everyone here hated me on this site.

General / Re: Post Yourself pt. IX
« on: November 11, 2012 09:17 PM »
the second i see a fedora i automatically assume the person is a brony

lol The hat wasn't mine. A friend let me borrow it during the party.

w.a.c. is back

Yeah, I was kind of surprised I went so long without posting here. I've barely posted on forums at all in the last six months.

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