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Really curious to hear the song Touch. It's probably the worst received song from the new album...which finally comes out May 17th in Australia so thanks to time zones, the album should definitely be online sometime in the next five days. I'm amazed (and disappointed) the album hasn't leaked yet.

I agree...except my patience levels are poor. -_-

Give Life Back to Music even worse quality. I only listened to 52 seconds of it because the quality was so poor.


Thanks to poor self control, I decided to listen to the leak. >_<


Hype decreasing? The leak of Giorgio by Moroder is difficult to judge because it's only around a third of the song and in terrible sound quality but from what we've heard, I really like it a lot.



An interview with BBC1 Radio will air tomorrow.

Well, they mentioned in past interviews that the keyboard work in the new album would be very influenced from '70s prog and some reviewers who heard Random Access Memories claim the album has a noticeable amount of prog influences. I'd link to sources for statements from reviewers, but I'm trying to avoid album reviews.

Some new interviews came out.

Daft Punk on EDM Producers, 'They're Missing the Tools': [LINK]
Daft Punk Is (Finally!) Playing at Our House: [LINK]

I'm beyond ecstatic that when they worked on Random Access Memories, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was looked upon as a model album. That's my favorite album of all time. :D Also, DJ Falcon has a very strong French accent. o_O I wish the latest episode of The Collaborators had subtitles.

New episode of Daft Punk's The Collaborators.

I like this episode more than the last two.

yeah but i don't want to download a bunch of music i don't want/won't listen to just to get my ratio up

You could just delete a lot of it at some point. Freeleech is the main reason my What.CD stats are so nice. I rarely ever participate it nowadays largely due to my lousy internet connection, but it's the best way to get your ratio up quickly.

Oh, I read that. He said he would get it on the 17th which is the day the album releases in a bunch of different countries. I would be absolutely shocked if the album didn't get on the web by then. Also, these are my What.CD stats.

    Up: 268.27 GB
    Down: 153.89 GB
    Ratio: 1.74
    Required: 0.60

What user claims he'll have a rip of the album on May 5th or the following day? I just searched the site and couldn't find his post or comment.

While I'd much rather see a CD rip make it onto the internet early, a vinyl rip would be good too. Curious about your source though.


Daft Punk explains at least a little from each of the thirteen songs from their new album. Surprisingly, there's only one electronic song on Random Access Memories. o_O Worth mentioning this was translated with Google Translator so some of this information might be inaccurate.


Fixed my link.


Daft Punk's new single reached #1 in 45 countries already for iTunes' charts.


I saw that video earlier and it made me laugh.


This "live performance" is hilariously bad. I can't believe this is even considered a live performance to anyone.

The radio edit of Daft Punk's Get Lucky has leaked. Some people feel it's fake because of a past interview, but the time length lines up closely with what's displayed on this page and the ending sounds so very Daft Punk.

I hope the album version is included with the single release, but it sounds unlikely because of the Amazon page...which is strange considering Daft Punk's history of including full versions of songs with their single releases.


You're correct. Columbia Records also conformed the track listing that was revealed a few days ago on some sites, though one of the tracks seem to have a different name depending on where it's listed. Sometimes track 10 is listed as Motherhood, while some claim it's called Motherboard. The video from Vine confirms it's Motherboard though. Strange how some sites got that name wrong.

They have revealed so much from that song now that I can't help but wonder...why the fuck hasn't the single released yet? I wouldn't be surprised if we've now heard like 50% of the song. Just release the damn thing as a single now, Christ...

I don't understand how someone could evaluate homework as better than discovery... for me discovery just has so much more good stuff than homework. I'm also sad that you don't like crescendolls or high life. Ive always thought high life was kind of a hidden gem on their second album, and there was a chunk of time when crescendolls was one of my favorite songs ever.

Different tastes I guess. I enjoy every song from Homework and love 11 of the 16 tracks from that album. Not only do I think it's an excellent album, but it's my favorite electronic album of all time.

What I love about homework is the first track, and how the groove through that carries throughout the album, especially in da funk. Besides those, revolution 909, and around the world, nothing else on that album is really that spectacular to me. Its got a few other cool moments, but for me their first album feels very choppy and experimental, while discovery feels outrageously polished in comparison.

No love for Rollin' & Scratchin' and Alive? D:

That said, I'm insanely excited for their new album, the little that we've heard from it is exactly what I want to be hearing. The entire feel of their marketing with the old-school-esque commercials/logos/etc is also so perfect to me. Plus I've always been a HUGE fan of nile rogers, as well as most of the other collaborators on the album. If some of them, or even just nile were to go on tour with them potentially, it would be the greatest.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle future tours. I would love to see them bring additional musicians with them.

there you go again comparing it to gangnam style :wile:

Well, yeah. Of course I'm going to make comparisons to Gangnam Style. I'm always going to make comparisons to an artist's past work when looking at their newer stuff. I didn't expect his next single to be as good as Gangnam Style, but what we got was a lot less interesting than I expected. As I mentioned earlier, it didn't help that both songs had a lot of structure similarities which made quality comparisons even easier to make.

i think the reality is that you just prefer certain styles of their music. all of the albums have their own flavor, and are extremely consistent in that sense. homework might have less ups and downs, but every song is essentially a basic beat that gets built off of and plays for 5 minutes. discovery has real meat to it, you just don't happen to like all of it. discovery is their best album.

I feel Discovery has some of the best work they ever made and had the potential to be their best album, but the worst songs from it negatively impacted my view of that album a lot more than how the worst songs from Homework affected that album.

actually my point was that psy's new song is actually a good pop song but people expect too much of it because of gangnam style. if you are unable to separate the popularity with the music then there is a problem - nobody can live up to that kind of viral popularity on a consistent basis.

My opinion is based off of the quality of the song and how it compares to his previous work. It's not a bad song, but the song and the music video are nowhere near the quality of Gangnam Style. I also felt it borrowed too much from Gangnam Style in structure which made it look like a weaker song in comparison.

i'm not sure how you gauge discovery as an album with inconsistent quality when you personally identify half of the tracks as "classics". most albums only have one or two good songs - discovery is fairly consistent as an album as is daft punk as a band.

I base my opinion of its quality consistency from how much each song differs in quality. If the difference is huge between several songs, then I feel its quality is inconsistent. I enjoy every song on Homework, Alive 1997, and Alive 2007, where as I find songs like Crescendolls and High Life to be somewhat obnoxious and tend to look forward to when those songs finally end. Sometimes I've even skipped those songs while listening to the album. While part of Crescendolls was played at Alive 2007, it was pulled off better than how it's played in its original form and the same can be said of almost every song from Human After All that got played at Alive 2007. Human After All was only worked on for three weeks and it showed. It's unfortunate because I felt that album could've been much better if they put more effort into it. Alive 2007 improved the hell out of many songs from that album so they made up for it at least.

i don't see how you can say you dislike crescendolls or highlife immediately after saying you think that superheroes is a classic, the aesthetics of the songs are all very similar.

While there are similarities, the composition, vocal style, and overall sound is very different. Plus I've always really enjoyed Superheroes a lot, but could never like those other two songs.

the only thing i hate is that you're subscribed to feministfrequency on yt

She's definitely a controversial personality and has some serious flaws in how she approaches many issues, but I enjoyed the first episode of her series Damsel in Distress so I subscribed to her.

For anyone who doesn't know a whole lot about her, I recommend giving these videos a watch to understand why she's so hated.

Since I got tired of my old cover photo, I decided to modify that image rtil posted and turned it into my new cover photo.

Yes, I use that old image as my profile picture. For those who hated that image, be glad I never bothered to change my cat avatar on here.

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