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General / Re: music thread 2.1
« on: Today at 03:00 AM »

Kim Petras is addictive.

General / Re: this place still exists?
« on: Today at 02:56 AM »
Really glad this forum still exists. The vast majority of forums I was active on as a teenager have been deleted off the internet. ;_;

General / Re: we're back baby
« on: November 27, 2019 07:35 PM »
I'm glad to be able to use this website again. It's fun re-reading old threads from the late 2000's.

General / Re: buglist/updates thread
« on: March 11, 2016 06:00 AM »
i'm not sure, i can't replicate the issue. what browser are you using? does it happen with every mp3? it could also be a filename issue.
I'm using Google Chrome and it happens with every mp3 file I attempt to upload regardless of file name.

General / Re: buglist/updates thread
« on: February 25, 2016 07:31 PM »
Having issues uploading mp3 files. Whenever I try, now I get "could not open file ___________________.mp3" for the files I attempt to upload. Any idea what might be causing this issue? Any alternative music format worth using as a substitute for when the file dump doesn't want to accept mp3's?

General / Re: music thread 2.1
« on: August 28, 2015 01:50 AM »

My musical tastes have gone to shit.

General / Re: the hentai thread
« on: August 28, 2015 01:40 AM »
also holy shit it's wac
Sup. I initially planned on waiting until tomorrow so it would be exactly a year since I last posted here, but then I saw that...

General / Re: the hentai thread
« on: August 28, 2015 01:31 AM »

thanks tumblr

this is how they make the foam for their hot drinks
I clicked on this thread by accident and saw this (among other amusing horrors). I will never look at the Starbucks logo the same way again. Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk... Also, I think it's hilarious this thread has 905 replies and nearly 40,000 views. You guys must really love your hentai. lol

Entertainment / Re: Freedom Planet
« on: August 29, 2014 03:02 AM »
SEGA is fully aware that fans seem much more capable of creating better 2D engines for Sonic, hence why they hired The Taxman, a person who previously worked on ambitious fangame projects to make the mobile versions of Sonic 1, 2, and CD with an engine made from scratch. Stealth, someone who has been the project lead of a rom hack for nearly a decade, was also brought into the development of the mobile versions to Sonic 1 and 2. People thought that rom hack's future was bleak because of his involvement with SEGA, but he recently posted a teaser trailer to show his rom hack is not dead.

You can also watch these two older videos that showcased levels not yet playable with released builds.

Regarding the engine I mentioned earlier in the thread, the Sonic Worlds Delta engine (along with Freedom Planet) were coded with Clickteam Fusion of all programs...but some of the most impressive fangame engines for Sonic are done with Game Maker. Sonic Time Twisted was made in Game Maker and the physics to that game are outstanding. Considering the massive amount of limitations with those programs, it's pitiful Sonic 4: Episode 1's physics are so awful but it shows how much more fans seem to care about quality engines than companies like Dimps or Sonic Team. Yet for whatever fucking reason, the mobile versions of Sonic 1 and 2 with all their enhancements and whatnot seem unlikely to get a console or PC port because SEGA has been managing the sonic franchise poorly lately. Both The Taxman and Stealth recently admitted they aren't even working on a mobile version of S3&K right now entirely because SEGA won't greenlight the idea.

Entertainment / Re: Freedom Planet
« on: August 29, 2014 12:51 AM »
The game takes influence from a lot of different game series, but Sonic was easily the biggest influence to this game. For anyone interested in Freedom Planet but aren't quite sure if you want to spend $15 on it, you could always try the demo from their website.

yeah when looking at the gameplay i immediately think of sonic, and the combat reminds me of gunstar heroes. the two put together sounds like it could be fun. but i'm not really into platformers anymore.

Funny you mention Gunstar Heroes. An editor at Polygon once said, "If Treasure made a Sonic game, it would probably look a lot like this." Most of the flattering statements about the game compare it to Sonic, including this quote from TotalBiscuit: "I've heard Freedom Planet described as a Sonic clone. I'd call it a worthy Sonic successor, it's that good." But outside of Carol's roll ability, the combat is very different from what people expect out of a Sonic game. Part of why the physics feel so Sonicy is because the game's engine was built off of a Sonic fangame engine, but that's a great thing since the game controls so well.

Entertainment / Freedom Planet
« on: August 26, 2014 07:42 AM »

Steam Store Page: [LINK]
Humble Store: [LINK] (Search "Freedom Planet")

This game came out over a month ago and I've been following its development for a very long time. I absolutely love the game and it'll probably be my favorite game of the year, yet it's getting so little attention. I highly recommend the game to anyone who is a big fan of fast paced 16bit platformers. The game currently has three playable characters and future characters (with their story modes) will be added in future patches along with additional stuff to improve the game. The biggest complaint against the game seems to be the story, but anyone not interested in the plot can play the game's Classic mode.

Entertainment / Re: South Park episode 201 final speech uncensored
« on: February 3, 2014 07:03 PM »
Comedy Central should've never censored the episode. It just made the network look like it's run by a bunch of cowards.


Thank you Psi for uploading the clip with the audio uncensored.

Entertainment / Re: the last of us
« on: September 16, 2013 06:40 PM »
I finally got around to playing this game late last month. While I appreciate the Jak & Daxter and Uncharted franchises, I always viewed them as very fun but overrated games. I can't say the same for The Last of Us but for reasons that differ from what the OP wrote. I think it's one of the best games I've ever played. Its storytelling in the game industry is second to none and I found the gameplay extremely fun. The only aspect of the gameplay I hated was the wobbly aiming, but you can get rid of the issue with pill upgrades. Would've been nice if the wobbly aiming was never included at all or if the wobbliness wasn't so frustrating in early parts of the game since the first pill upgrade made it nowhere near as bad. While I've barely touched the multiplayer because I find the single player campaign and New Game+ so much fun, the little I played of it was very enjoyable and I can see myself getting very into it in the future.

So it's been less than four months since Random Access Memories came out and I'm surprised they released a music video for Lose Yourself to Dance.

Too bad they never made a music video for their song Get Lucky, but some of their past music videos were a lot more creative so w/e. Also, I never got around to giving an in-depth opinion of their 4th album. Since I bumped this thread because of the new music video, I suppose I should do that soon. In the mean time, I'll just say that I love every song on the album and view it as the greatest album I've heard that has come out in the last 25 years. I had very high expectations for the album and I'm amazed it made those expectations. Hell, if anything, I'd say it surpassed my expectations. It's an amazing album. Never got around to buying it because my financial situation is so bad though. :/

General / Re: Post Yourself pt. IX
« on: September 12, 2013 07:00 PM »
Did you have to do it on film for your class?
Yep, it was taken with a film camera.

seriously cracking up at wacs post

wac's post actually made my fucking week


General / Re: Post Yourself pt. IX
« on: August 4, 2013 02:22 PM »
This is a self portrait I took for my Basic Photography class in my Spring 2013 semester.

Entertainment / Re: Yeezus leaked
« on: June 24, 2013 07:07 PM »
...I'm not even a fan of anime.

Entertainment / Re: Yeezus leaked
« on: June 24, 2013 01:44 PM »
I listened to four songs from this album simply because Daft Punk were producers for those four songs and dear god I hate Kanye West's so music. The only aspect of this album that put a smile on my face was reading the full title to the God track: I Am a God (featuring God).

The idea behind no music videos is to leave more to the imagination...though everytime I hear Get Lucky, I can't help but think of the 60 second video. It's definitely a disappointing decision, but at least their marketing has been very successful so far. Still, I can't help but feel a music video to Get Lucky would've helped sales in the U.S. since us Americans like watching music videos on YouTube so much.

After listening to this album twice, I can say with all honesty that this might be the best album they ever made, but as much as I love this album... I was hoping the prog elements were stronger on this record (no song segues? D:), I miss the excellent pacing of Get Lucky's single version, and I don't like Pharrell Williams' vocals in Lose yourself to Dance. Works well with the song, but I never liked that vocal style which was very present in the disco era so my criticism toward his vocals is more of a style preference than anything else. I have zero complaints about his vocals in Get Lucky though. He did an excellent job singing that song. In retrospect, I find it kind of funny so many people complained about wanting hear more of the robots and less of Pharrell Williams in Get Lucky because the album has more vocoder vocals from the duo than any of their other albums. Can't wait until the album's CD gets ripped and put on the web so I can stop listening to some pirated iTunes stream.

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